A collection of articles about the spiritual side
of the struggle for a new world

Our spiritual life is expressed in our ability to love, to
dream, to think — to take the inward journey. It is the driving
force in the unending human effort to make a better world for
ourselves and our loved ones.

Table of Contents :

Save the Soul of America
By Ethel Long-Scott and Pastor Scott Wagers
Woe Unto You, Rev. Bruce WrightElevate the Human Spirit, Nelson Peery
I Will Commit to Your Kingdom,
Muliaga Togotogo
Remembering Philip Berrigan
Johann Christoph Arnold
The Work Ethic, Bob Lee
Interview and Poem, Brenda Matthews
Who Makes History? We Do! Nelson Peery
Social and Economic Justice, Liz Theoharis
The Tikkun Community Founding Statement
Spirit of Rebellion, Laura Garcia
Why I Enlisted in the Struggle
for Justice and Social Change, Beth Gonzalez
Revolution of Values, Pastor Scott Wagers
Paul Was a Survivor, Muliaga Togotogo
The Real Jesus, Sandy Perry

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