For a world where everyone will be included"

Co-editor of Teatro Chicana:
A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays
Editor, Tribuno del Pueblo, a bilingual publication
Speaker for Women's History Month, Cinco de Mayo and Latino Heritage Month Celebrations

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Laura E, Garcia is co-editor of Teatro Chicana: A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays, (UT Press 2008), a collection of essays from the women who participated in that theatre group during the 1970s. Teatro de las Chicanas was the only all-female theatre group in the Chicana/o movement.The book brings a historical view of the civil rights and women's movement struggle at that time, with lessons for today. (See
Laura is also the editor of the Tribuno del Pueblo, a bilingual publication (See The newspaper gives voice to the poor and those fighting unjust laws that make the undocumented immigrant an animal of prey and a scapegoat for society's economic ills. The newspaper brings a vision of a new world where everyone will be included. 

After the publication of Teatro Chicana, Laura and other teatristas began traveling the country, presenting and performing at universities and in the community. Laura, with other Chicana Teatristas, (See have been presenting at university campuses such as, Pullman College, Berkeley University, San Francisco State University, Pacifica University, Pennsylvania State, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, Grinnel College and Harold Washington College in Chicago.
In 2011, as a tribute to the mothers of the disappeared and killed young girls of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Laura participated in putting together a play and then presenting, "Madres por Justicia" at the MALCS Conference at California State University. Madres por Justicia is at Laura is also the author of the bilingual pamphlet, Who is Killing the Women of Juarez?
Laura graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's degree in Latina/o Studies and Chicana/o Studies. Like many of her peers, she was active in the Chicano movement, MECHA and in the struggle to build the United Farmworkers Union during college. As a journalist, she has reported on poverty and women conferences and electoral campaigns in the United States, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and China. Laura Garcia was a delegate to the NGO Forum on Women in Beijing, China, where she was part of the first-ever Women of Color Caucus at an international convention. 
Laura E. Garcia was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. 

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