Brooke Heagerty, Ph.D.

Co-author of the new book,
"Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Unity."

"What do we do about racism? How do we understand it? Will we ever be able to end it? These are real questions that people are facing every day and the answers have real consequences for the future of humanity."
-- Brooke Heagerty

"As reflectedby the animated response from our listeners, Brooke, you did a great job ! To paraphrase RFK, if enough of us generate enough "ripples", we just might build that wave this country needs to return democracy to its people." - Dennis Karius, Radio WRPI

Brooke Heagery, Ph.D., co-authored the book, "Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Unity."She writes and speaks on globalization, racism, police repression, women and women's liberation, youth, and morality. She discusses race, class, poverty, and how morality has threaded itself throughout the generations and supported the centuries-old vision of a truly peaceful, cooperative world. She is currently working on a novel about slavery and a book on the politics of the South, and she is editor of the newspaper of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Rally, Comrades!

From : Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Unity

"Unifying the new class of the poor is today's most pressing political question.In America, creating unity means confronting the legacy of slavery, white supremacy and racism. White and black have been shaped by this legacy,.... Like all ideas and attitudes, they grew out of the material conditions of the society that invented them. Race, racism and white supremacy were created along with the development of, electronics is not only destroying the economy but tearing apart society's fabric. No idea can survive the destruction of the material foundation for its creation; as that foundation is swept away, the old idea itself shrinks in importance...Electronics promises a world in which humanity can be freed from backbreaking toil. Upon its foundation a new society can be built in which all can share equally in its fruits."

Suggested Topics:

  • · How Do We Move From Racial Division to Class Unity?

  • · Globalization and the new poor

  • · Women's Liberation in a new Cooperative Society

  • · A New Morality for a New World

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