From racial division to class unity

New Possibilities for Unity - End of the Color Line?

The people of the world, especially the people of the United States, are again approaching an historical fork in the road. Yet this is one of history transforming proportions. Robotics and globalization are doing away with the foundation of "racial" unity. The world's population is being reduced into two categories - the global rich and the global poor. The once privileged white worker, and in a descending order of privilege, all workers of the world are cast adrift by a new ruling class of multi-colored, supra-national financiers. This new international ruling class cares no more for or has no more need of the worker in Chicago than one in Rio De Janeiro.

Within this new class of poor lies the power to break the formula of control that has been used to exploit and divide the workers in this country and in the world since Columbus first set foot in the Americas and the first slaves were driven from their homeland to live in bondage.

Throughout the history of the U.S., whites and blacks have joined together from time to time and place to place, but they have been unable to truly unite. The social privileges granted to the white poor over the black poor have always kept them apart. These social privileges were made possible by the super-profits from imperialism. Today, capital has expanded to the limits of the Earth. There is no more expansion. Now, the mass of African Americans who form the core of the new class and the growing number of impoverished whites joining its ranks unmistakably have common interests which grow out of not morality alone, but objective economic interests.

A world of abundance denied
Creation of a new class
The rise of a police state
A new ideology for a new class


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