From racial division to class unity

The stages of development of the ideology of race in the United States

For the past 500 years, legions of peoples of all colors sacrificed themselves to the fight for equality. It could not be won. Individuals may give up social privilege but groups cannot. This privilege, taking different forms in different periods, had a single purpose: to guarantee unity on the basis of race and to prevent unity on the basis of class. White supremacy and racism served to defend social privilege, made possible from an expanding capitalist system. From the colonial period, through the Civil War and Reconstruction, through the post-World War II period to the struggles of today, the ideology of race has been developed, adapted and used to defend and advance the interests of the capitalists, both at home and around the globe.

Colonial roots
Reconstruction and after
The world begins to change: World War II and after
The world keeps changing: Conditions and results of  the Civil Rights Movement
The dream deferred?


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