Poet Laureate of San Francisco

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Jack Hirschman Jack Hirschman has taken the free exchange of poetry and politics into the streets, where he is, in the words of poet Luke Breit, called, "America's most important living poet." He uses his skills to help awaken the American people to homelessness as an expression of a system that can no longer take care of its people. He brings a vision of a new America and world. He has written more than 50 volumes of poetry and essays. His impassioned readings challenge audiences. He also speaks on various topics, including the artist's role in social transformation.


A New Book by Jack Hirschman!

The Arcanes

Published (in English) from Multimedia Edizioni, of Salerno, Italy

A stupendous gift, to have the complete long poems of Jack Hirschman, our great master revolutionary poet, brought under one cover in all their fire, passion and heart. This thousand-page provocation covers 34 years of his most complex and revolutionary work. His is the
voice of the world revolution: intimate and
incendiary, of enormous scope and vision, grounded in the real - a poetic epic of resistance and transformation."

-- Sarah Menefee, author of 'Human Star'


Jack Hirschman's other books:

Jack Book

"Front Lines" by Jack Hirschman

City Lights published Front Lines, a collection of 50 years of poetry by Jack Hirschman.

"In the activist verse of this poetic warrior, always committed, the actual world is never out of mind, even in his most intimate poems. Kabbalist, populist, and communist, Hirschman has published over sixty books of his own poetry, and this representative selection is a cross-section of his poetic output, spanning many years and mutations. When he reads aloud, the words take fire, and on the page they crackle and spark."
- City Lights

Jack Book

THE XIBALBA ARCANE by Jack Hirschman

"What this poet brings to us ... is the simple truth that.... we have to stop hating each other....
and start loving each other." - Poet News

In this book, Jack Hirschman takes us on a Mayan journey through the city of America and into the brutalized lives of its marginalized citizens. Other works include Endless Threshold; The Bottom Line., and more recently Fist of Sun, a translation of the work of the Italian poet,
Ferruccio Brugnaro.


 500,000 Azaleas : The Selected Poems of Efraín Huerta

 Art on the Line : Essays by Artists about the Point Where Their Art & Activism Intersect

 Endless Threshold

 Fist of Sun

 Open Gate : An Anthology of Haitian Creole Poetry



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Hear Jack Hirschman reading the poem, “Mother” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdEleDTfXQI