Moving On


From racial division to class unity

By Brooke Heagerty and Nelson Peery


Unifying the new class of the poor is today's most pressing political question. In America, creating unity means confronting the legacy of slavery, white supremacy and racism. White and black have been shaped by this legacy, a history which has consistently been bloody and brutal, at times almost unspeakably so.

Race, and its companion ideas, racism and white supremacy, aren't ideas that sprang up out of nowhere. Like all ideas and attitudes, they grew out of the material conditions of the society that invented them. Race, racism and white supremacy were created along with the development of capitalism. They took root as the capitalist system became the dominant form of economic and social relations; they were consolidated and spread with the worldwide expansion of that system through imperialism.

Today, electronics is not only destroying the economy but tearing apart society's fabric. No idea can survive the destruction of the material foundation for its creation; as that foundation is swept away, the old idea itself shrinks in importance - it no longer explains or facilitates the changing material environment.

Old ideas do not simply disappear. New ideas must be brought into the process, struggled over and fought for. Electronics promises a world in which humanity can be freed from backbreaking toil. Upon its foundation a new society can be built in which all can share equally in its fruits.

It is the revolutionary's profound duty to understand clearly the nature of the changes going on, and to form and spread the new ideas which reflect that new reality.

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