Danny Alexander started writing about music, in part, because of the way it reflected the social and political issues that surrounded him. As a teacher, he has long been engaged in the fight against privatization of public schools. The combination of these concerns has led him to work on the many ways capitalism is trying to eradicate the public sector. He co-authored the pamphlet Water Wars--Coming Soon to Your Town. His most recent book is Real Love No Drama: The Music of Mary J. Blige.

Fingersnaps, Real Love and No Drama

Ibrahim Aoudé, Ph.D., is author of "Lebanon: Dynamics of Conflict. He is also editor of two books, "The Ethnic Studies Story: Politics and Social Movements in Hawaii," about the ethnic populations impacted by global forces and their resistance, and "Public Policy and Globalization in Hawaii." A frequent traveler to the Middle East and a University of Hawaii professor, Prof. Aoudé writes and lectures about Palestinian youth in the struggle of the Palestinian people, the politics of oil, and what the U.S. government's role in the Middle East means for Americans. He is author of several articles on Arab Americans, Middle East politics, and Hawaii's political economy.


Peter Brown, is a journeyman machinist who has taught Machine Technology at Laney College in Oakland since 2006. He is involved in the struggle for a new world where people's needs are met, both as an artist and industrial worker. His articles have been published by the People's Tribune, California Federation of Teachers, Occupy.com, Nation of Change.org, and Daily Censored.com. His specialty is making economics and technology understandable to all, in ways that offer genuine hope for a dynamic, positive future for humanity. Peter can speak with your church, union, club, community group or classroom. He can offer a variety of enjoyable, interactive workshops to suit your needs with either video of manufacturing OR actual live machining in an appropriate setting. DVDs of "The Digital Disruption - Technology & Economics for the 99%," are available for a $20 donation. Please visit http://peoplestribune.org/pt-news/videos/ and scroll down to view the video. Contact Speakers for a New America at info@speakersforanewamerica.com for more information.


Maria Elena Castellanos

Maria Elena Castellanos is an immigration lawyer and anti-death penalty activist. From her home in Texas,"the execution capital of the country," she has mobilized thousands against the state's wave of executions. This includes the famous case where Ricardo Aldape Guerra, a young Mexican immigrant, was freed from death row, and when 10,000 immigrants tied up traffic on the border in protest of unequal application of justice in the execution of Ramon Montoya, a Mexican citizen.


Laura E, Garcia is co-editor of Teatro Chicana: A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays, (UT Press 2008), a collection of essays from the women who participated in that theatre group during the 1970s. Teatro de las Chicanas was the only all-female theatre group in the Chicana movement.The book brings a historical view of the civil rights and women's movement struggle at that time, with lessons for today. (See http://vimeo.com/9664922). Laura is also the editor of the Tribuno del Pueblo, a bilingual publication (See http://tribunodelpueblo.org). After the publication of Teatro Chicana, Laura and other teatristas began traveling the country, presenting and performing at universities and in the community. Laura, with other Chicana Teatristas, (See http://teatrochicana.com) have been presenting at university campuses.In 2011, as a tribute to the mothers of the disappeared and killed young girls of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Laura participated in putting together a play and then presenting, "Madres por Justicia" at the MALCS Conference at California State University. Madres por Justicia is at http://vimeo.com/27811317/ Laura is also the author of the bilingual pamphlet, Who is Killing the Women of Juarez?
Maria Elena Castellanos

Adam Gottlieb is a poet, singer-songwriter, emcee, speaker, and performer. In Gottlieb's words, his music and poetry are “meant to uplift the ongoing struggles in the movement for a new America, a new world, and life itself.” He leads a band, Adam Gottlieb and One Love, which in 2017 released a debut EP, "Cicada Season." He is also one of the co-founders of the Chicago Revolutionary Poets Brigade. Adam is available for speaking, performing, and for concerts. You can learn more about Adam Gottlieb and find his band's music at AdamGottliebAndOneLove.com or by following the band on Facebook @AdamGottliebAndOneLove. You can read his poetry at peoplearepoets.blogspot.com.


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