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New Book:

Black Radical
Watch a video of author Nelson Peery

New Book:

Speakers for a
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Not one More

A pamphlet on the murder of Juarez women

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From racial division to class unity

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About Us

Welcome to Speakers for a New America

Our speakers are in the forefront of the fight for a better world. Our speakers bring a message of hope and the possibility of creating a new society whose wealth benefits all.

Speakers for a World Without Poverty

Cheri Honkala
Ethel Long-Scott
Brooke Heagerty
Maureen Taylor

Featuring Cheri Honkala, an internationally known human rights activist; Maureen Taylor, a leader in the struggle to turn on water for 45,000 Detroit residents; Brooke Heagerty, author of Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Unity, and Ethel Long-Scott, an international leader in the struggle of poor women.
Allison Hedge Coke: Poet, Author
A descendant of moundbuilders, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke was named Writer of the Year in Poetry in 2005 by the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers. Her latest book, Blood Run, is dedicated to the mound builders of many nations.

Shamako Noble: Hip Hop Artist
Shamako Noble is a hip hop artist who helped create the national hip hop Congress. He coordinates a local hip-hop coalition called South Bay Collective and puts on shows with local promoters and DJs. He is planning a Hip Hop Academy to teach aspects of hip-hop in San Jose, California.

Michael McColly, Author

The After Death Room
: Journey into Spiritual Activism
is a memoir on the work of global AIDS activists. It examines the epidemic from a global, spiritual, and physical perspective by an HIV+ journalist. It is an important contribution to uniting the struggle for healthcare with the fight of the poor worldwide. AIDS is, above all, a disease of poverty.This book make us more effective in this fight.

New book: The After Death Room

Justice Speaking Tour
Ministers, labor leaders, and activists for the poor bring a vision of hope for a new America

As industry shuts down, cities and towns are being taken over by corporate developers. Former workers are living without water, heat and basic necessities. Those who stand up for justice are come face to face with corporate power on a local, state and national level. The Justice Tour puts a spotlight on the immorality of a system that cares only about profit. It puts forth solution for creating a better world.
Katrina Speakers
Speakers for a New America from New Orleans and "Sister Cities" on Hurricane Katrina

Hear speakers on Katrina discuss why the government abandoned the poor and a vision for a new world

Speakers for a World Without War

General Gordon Baker
Internationally known labor leader, a leader of the Detroit wildcat strikes in the 1960s, and pioneer of draft resistance during the Vietnam War. He speaks about that period, along with lessons for the struggle for peace today.

PT Radio: Hear General Baker talk about the 1967 Detroit Rebellion

Authors for a New America

Black Radical: The Education of an American Revolutionary

By Nelson Peery

Black Fire: The Making of an American Revolutionary, a memoir of his years as a Black soldier in World War II, shows how a person becomes a revolutionary through life experience. His sequel, Black Radical, shows the WWII Black veterans as the organizing force in the Freedom Movement, the role of the revolutionary Left and the development of his family.

PT Video: See a video clip of Nelson Peery discussing the recent elections

Poetry for a New America

Jack Hirschman
Jack Hirschman, poet Laureate of San Francisco, and called, “America’s most important living poet,” by poet Luke Breit, awakens us to homelessness as an espression of a system that can no longer care for its people. He speakis on the artists role in social transformation.
Front Lines: a collection of 50 years of poetry
Matt Sedillo
Poet, author, visionary

A two-time national slam poet, grand slam champion of the Damn Slam Los Angeles 2011 and author of "For What I Might Do Tomorrow." Born in California, Matt writes from the vantage point of a second generation Chicano born in an era of diminishing opportunities and a crumbling economy. His writing, a fearless, challenging and at times even confrontational blend of humor, history and political theory is a reflection of those realities.


Education for a New America

William H. Watkins
A leading educator and researcher who traces the historical underpinnings of Bl;ack eduction He speaks on the rereat from universal public education in America, high stakes testing, those who miseducate and obstruct education and the democratic process.

His latest book is Black Protest Thought and Education

The White Architects of Black Education

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Spirit of the Revolution

A collection of spiritual articles

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